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Seals and basking sharks frequent these coast so keep a lookout on the cliff paths.The Cornish Chough is an elusive bird but can be seen on the cliffs. The places they can be seen are not known to many but we can give you a clue. .Kestrals and Buzzards patrol the thermals over the downs and are a wonder to watch as they hover ready to swoop on their prey.The variety of butterflies are too numerous to mention but on certain costal paths all you can say is WOW.
In the evening badgers often are spotted along the lanes and in the night owls calling to each other break the silence.


There are plants that are unique to the lizard so get your wild flower books out and spend some time
on the coast path and downs and see if you can spot them.We have.


On the Lizard even the rocks under your feet are geologically dramatic. Have you ever stood at a point where the earths crust meets the earths mantle,you can in the Lizard. This would have been a HOT place to be in the distant past. The cliffs around Little Trethvas are predominantly `Serpentine` a beautiful rock with green and red flecks.


Standing stones and Quoits dot the countryside and more evidence of prehistoric man often be found in the fields,sharp egded flints and fragments of pottery. Moving on to the 19th century at Poltesco and Porthallow remains of the quarries can be explored.

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